Development of Cooperative Training Implementation Guide for TVETs.

This cooperative training implementation guide is developed by an independent consultancy firm called
Game Changers Consulting PLC in collaboration with First Consult – BRIDGES Program.
Game Changers Consulting PLC in collaboration with FC-BRIDGES program has organized a half day cooperative training implementation guide validation workshop @Addis Ababa, Elilley International Hotel on 25th of April, 2023. The aim of the workshop is to validate the cooperative training implementation guide which is designed to implement a high-quality and effective cooperative training with similar approaches and formats in each TVET institutions for regular and short-term training programs.
The purpose of this guide is to explain the cooperative training approach and related implementation phases necessary to successfully implement Cooperative Training (CT) through Technical andVocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in Ethiopia. It is intended to provide guidance
how substantial participation of the private and business sector in the implementation of TVET program can be achieved. It provides a clear guide how cooperative training shall be prepared and organized to ensure that TVET trainees will gain sufficient practical competences and workplace experience and thereby to significantly increase their employability