Development and preparation of 5 years Revenue Enhancement Plan for Addis Ababa City administration for the Years 2015-2019 E.C.

Game Changers Consulting PLC in collaboration with Addis Ababa City Administration Bureau of Finance has been developed Revenue Enhancement Plan (REP). It is the five-year revenue enhancement plan for the city administration of Addis Ababa from 2015 EFY – 2019 EFY. The REP is a road map and guiding tool that a city administration is committed to enhance the revenue sources that are legally and administratively available through exerting a commitment to put in place a wide-ranging series of improvements to its policies, procedures, staffing and organizational structure. The goal of the revenue enhancement plan is to ensure diverse and increasing financial resources, and efficient and accountable agencies to support the sustained growth of Addis Ababa to become a city with infrastructure and service delivery equivalent to those in cities of middle income countries.

To realize the REP goal, six objectives have been developed. These are: