Game Changers Consulting PLC

Game Changers Consulting PLC is a legally registered Ethiopian business and development Consulting firm established in 2021 to provide organizational management consultancy, business management consultancy, research and training services. Game Changers Consulting PLC is a multiple specialty firm ranging from capacity building of the workforce to research and development. It uses comprehensive approaches in solving organizational, team, and individual level challenges that helps them move towards achieving their vision and strategic objectives. It is established to provide effective prompt and concise professional advice, practical solutions and guidance to governmental, non-government and private organizations in achieving their objective specifically with reference to the terms of each engagement. We effectively and efficiently organize training, workshops, events, coaching sessions and mentoring support, as required, to the benefit of our clients for the successful operation of their organization. In addition; the firm has been established with the aim of supporting the development of quality market relevant TVET skills training, life skills training, entrepreneurship skills training and vision development skills training that improves the livelihoods of economically poor and socially disadvantaged youth and women to diversify their income opportunities in a diversified value chain development.To achieve its job creation objectives; the consultancy firm has been executing its innovative and proven implementation strategies.

Our innovative and proven implementation strategies such as

  • Improving the capacity of public and private TVET training providers and potential employers (key market players) on demand driven/market relevant employability skills training modality, curriculum framework development and adaptation, training module development and adaptation, Active Teaching Strategies and Learning Methodologies (ATLM), innovative labour market assessment and survey modalities, facilitation of quality cooperative training/apprenticeship and work based learning (on-job training) that highly contributes for the provision of quality market relevant skills training for job seekers that enables them to directly meet the needs of the real world of work/labour market.

  • Strengthening the capacity of cluster of MSMEs, large companies and private business firms, to boost their employment capacities of new intranets into the labour market.

  • Strengthen the functional linkages of public and private partnerships (PPP) that helps to create an enabling environment for job seekers through promotion of creating functional linkages between supply and demand with key market players of the private sector (MSME’s and bigger companies).

  • Promotion of value chain development of sectors and facilitation of market chain services. We uniquely provide onsite coaching after each capacity building session.

Game Changers Consulting PLC is composed of expert consultants offering a wide range of services including conducting research, various types of census, short and long term leadership, management and governance training, short term training, organizing seminars, preparing strategic & business plans, and feasibility studies. It is a firm specializing in partnership for better future development approaches. Game Changers Consulting PLC focuses on evidence-based interventions through research, survey, baseline assessment, program evaluation and capacity building, focusing on business and development sectors. Game Changers Consulting PLC has the size, know-how, technology, human resources and infrastructures to meet all the challenges providing total quality solutions to private and public establishments. Game Changers Consulting PLC is a firm constantly investing to improve its state-of-the-art knowledge not only in the domains of its core expertise but also in advanced technological areas that would potentially create new business activities, enhancing its service offerin

Game Changers Consulting PLC

Mission and Vision

To provide its services for organizations, companies, institutions, teams, and individuals with holistic, collaborative, and sustainable business model approaches

Game Changers Consulting PLC envisions being the leading international consulting company that helps organizations, companies, institutions, teams, and individuals to apply innovative solutions and marketing as a way of life and the client's first choice provider of quality, service & value in the overall business environment.

Game Changers Consulting

Our Core Values

We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Game Changers Consulting is always honoring the best in us and others.

We always consider all perspectives equally and honestly.

We consider partnership and network building as one of our key organization principles

We are committed to promoting gender equality and women and girls empowerment.

It acknowledges and assumes responsibility for all its actions, services, decisions, and policies

Game Changers Consulting has a strong faith in maintaining transparency in its operation and utilization of resources.

Our larger value is making a difference, and doing development differently. We attach great importance to innovative ideas and practice

Game Changers Consulting attaches high value to open communication through encouraging free exchange of opinions and views.

Why Choose Us

We Help you to Build for Better Future


We prioritize our clients and are committed to delivering the best possible service to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.


Our approach centers around working closely with clients, involving them throughout the process and prioritizing transparent, open communication every step of the way.


Our focus is always on delivering measurable outcomes and results that help our clients achieve their goals and drive success.

Our Team Members

Meet Our Amazing Team

Game Changers Consulting PLC has formulated an exceptional team, with very high academic and technical qualifications to accomplish its day to day functions. Currently, the organizational function of the firm has been operating with diverse academic and professional backgrounds of well-endowed energetic young professionals and a large pool of affiliated consultants. The team is composed of expert consultants offering a wide range of services including conducting research, various types of census, short and long term leadership, management and governance training, Short term training, organizing seminars, preparing strategic & business plans, and feasibility studies. More specifically; Game Changers Consulting PLC has five program divisions with highly qualified experts namely; Fundraising and Marketing experts, Training and Development experts, Research and Development Experts, Statisticians and M & E Experts.

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