Development of Career pathways development guide.

Game Changers Consulting PLC in collaboration with FC-BRIDGES program has organized a half day career pathways development guide validation workshop @Addis Ababa, Elilley International Hotel on 25th of May, 2023. The aim of the workshop is to validate the career pathways development guide which is designed to create both avenues of advancement for current workers, job seekers and future labor market entrants and a supply of qualified workers for potential employers.
To harness human potential towards greater prosperity and inclusion, employers need to create effective systems for upgrading individual‟s skills and capabilities in line with emerging skills demand in essence,
expanding access and delivery of mid-career re skilling and up skilling through private and public sector investment and to ensure that such efforts by workers are rewarded with adequate job opportunities. To this effect, aligning the employee career goals with the strategic goals of the organization not only helps
the organization achieve its goals but also helps the organization to differentiate itself from labor market competitors, retain key workers, keep younger workers and reduce turnover after an economic downturn.