Development of Five 5 year’s organizational strategic plan which sets the long term direction for the implementation of its interventions for Mother and Child Rehabilitation Center (MCRC), Ethiopia.

Game Changers Consulting PLC has been developoped a five years organizational strategic plan for Mother and Children Rehabilitation Center (MCRC). The overall objective of this assignment is to develop a five-year strategic plan (2022 – 2026) for MCRC which sets the long term direction for the implementation of its interventions. 

More specifically, this consultancy services tries to:

This strategic plan document is a result of series of discussions and consultation from the grassroots to the highest levels. The Plan comes at a critical moment in terms of the history and future of MCRC response, when the imperative for action has never been stronger. The emergence of new national and global commitments has helped to advance MCRC agenda in the coming five years. With the newly introduced ten years national economic development plan and recently implemented Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II) for sustainable development, it is time to build on the momentum and put the technical foundations for the organization in place. This strategic plan is necessary to determine the direction for MCRC. It helps focuses efforts and ensures that everyone in the MCRC is working towards a common goal. Additionally, this strategic plan is to help MCRC manage and reduce organizational risks. Strategic planning is the on-going organizational process of using available knowledge to document the big pictures of why the organization exists, what organization are doing and the organization’s intended direction. This process is used to prioritize efforts, effectively allocate resources, align stakeholders and employees on the organization’s goals, and ensure data and sound reasoning back those goals. The strategic plan should answer four strategic questions such as, where we are now, where we want to go, how we will get there, and how do we know we have arrived. Having a strategic plan in place can enable to track progress toward goals. When each department and team understands MCRCs larger strategy, their progress can directly impact its success, creating a top-down approach to tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). The coming five years provide an important opportunity to scale up action on MCRC programs. Seizing the moment it can empower people socially and economically to live healthy and dignified lives, and at the same time reduce poverty and stimulate economic growth and environmental sustainability. In these years, our success will be dependent on understanding and responding to the complexities of a vastly changed context: the shifting geography of poverty, growing inequality, changing political dynamics, escalating humanitarian emergencies, climate change and economic development.  The Plan will be regularly monitored and evaluated (annually, mid-term and terminal/final year). The strategic plan will be evaluated through the direct involvement of the key stakeholders of MCRC.  This developed strategic plan document is mainly covered programmatic and strategic issues which will be followed and implemented by MCRC with other key development partners who work in the MCRC working area for the coming five years in between 2023 to 2027.